Community Engagement

Renewable energy projects can make a positive, lasting difference to local neighbourhoods. At Infinis, we work hard to involve communities when planning new developments.

Our focus is on building long-term, positive partnerships. We build, own, and operate schemes for decades. It’s important to respect and support existing residents and businesses; that’s what being a good neighbour is all about.

Each new development is different, with varied site features, layouts, and challenges. But one thing is common to every project. We promise to listen to local views, and make sure people’s voices are heard.

Community projects

When we plan a new development that may affect the local community, we’ll approach local neighbourhoods and discuss the plans.

It helps to ask questions and look at the initial plans early on. Community input helps to shape our projects.

Our mission is to help the UK achieve net zero, by boosting the supply of secure, sustainable energy. As part of that mission, we’re keen to work with local councils, parishes and communities and help meet local needs.

There are many ways that we can support local communities, such as:

  • Improve the local environment and amenities
  • Provide/safeguard access to open spaces
  • Invest time, money or expertise in local initiatives

There is no ‘one size fits all’ option. Each community is different and has its own needs and priorities. It’s our job to work with local people and find out where Infinis’ input can best make a positive difference.


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