Behind the Meter PPAs

With behind the meter PPAs, electricity generators supply power direct to businesses on-site. Instead of exporting electricity to the grid, we put a cable in and transmit power direct. These agreements are also known as private wire connections.

Infinis is an ‘embedded generator’, which means our sites are close to areas of demand across the UK. That puts us in a strong position to provide power through behind the meter contracts.

This option is worth exploring if your business is close to an existing/new electricity source, and you own land near to a site that uses energy.


Private wire options

Infinis can provide a choice of options for behind the meter connections:

  • Baseload private wires – with captured methane from landfill gas or mines
  • Intermittent private wires – with solar power
  • Combined connections – with both captured methane and solar technology.

Behind the Meter benefits

Private wires can achieve significant cost savings, as you’re not using the transmission network. As a result, you don’t pick up all the fixed and semi-fixed charges. Typically, behind the meter contracts can cut your electricity bill by 20-30%.

Transmitting power through cables means that you lose less power.

A behind the meter connection combined with solar and captured landfill methane offers the best of both worlds. Solar panels give you access to intermittent renewable electricity. When solar can’t draw power, you can access baseload generation from captured methane, instead of taking import power from the grid – which achieves savings.


Find out more

If you'd like to explore options about a private wire for your organisation, please get in touch. Please enquire below - choose the Power Purchase Agreement enquiry type – and our team will contact you soon.

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