Captured methane from landfill gas

Captured methane from landfill gas sites is a core Infinis capability.

Methane gas, or CH4, is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Methane is one of the Earth's most harmful greenhouse gases.

Methane naturally occurs where organic matter in landfill waste decomposes. We capture and burn the gas, to generate renewable baseload power on more than 100 sites across the UK.

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Captured landfill methane explained

  • Waste decomposes underground
  • Over time, methane rises to the top of the landfill
  • As the gas nears the surface, it is collected through the gas well and routed through pipes to a series of engines
  • Methane is then combusted in the engines and converted into renewable electricity

Converting methane into renewable electricity in this way helps to combat climate change and provides a secure, efficient way to generate local power.

Over recent years, Infinis has captured more than 250,000 tonnes of methane annually.

This saved around 6 million tCO2 equivalent from going to atmosphere, and also generated over 1 million MWh of electricity for the UK.

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