Land leasing

Land leasing on complex sites is a challenge for many landowners. It’s easy to assume your land is unsuitable for development due to:

  • Poor site conditions, especially on brownfield sites
  • Complex planning requirements
  • Perceived environmental compliance conflicts.

Infinis works with landowners across the UK to unpick these challenges, and more. If you’re keen to explore long-term income options for your land, our team is here to help.


Why lease your land for energy projects?

Unlocking your land potential for energy development makes good business sense. You can potentially generate secure, long-term revenue, access green energy below grid prices and support the UK’s pledge to achieve net zero.

Our team helps landowners across the UK to revive their sites and generate clean energy. This includes work with:

Landfill operators – to develop solar projects on complex sites where compliance is critical

Farmers - to develop low-grade agricultural land for energy use, or use land for biodiversity enhancement

Property developers – to convert storage land and ex-industrial sites into long-term income

Individual landowners – to explore options on former industrial sites or small land parcels

Universities and colleges – to discuss on-site generation and support sustainability targets

Families and family trusts – to help them secure long-term income on their land assets.


Land leasing – how it works

If you own two or more acres of land and want to explore site potential for clean energy, let’s talk. An initial chat with our development team costs nothing, and you could be pleasantly surprised!

When you contact us, we will ask a few questions, such as:

  • How much land you own
  • Site address and size
  • Current land use
  • Details of any development constraints, designations/wayleaves, or easements
  • Proximity to grid connection (power line or substation)

After the first chat, our team will review your site in detail and check if it is feasible to develop. If there’s potential, we will then ask you to sign a Letter of Authority. This gives us the right to contact the relevant District Network Operator (DNO) to check connection options and apply for a grid.

After that, we will send your site details to the grid team for review. At that stage we would visit the site with you, and discuss potential terms if development is feasible.


Why choose Infinis as a land leasing partner?

We are in renewable energy for the long term and wish to build lasting relationships with our landlords. We develop, own, and operate energy schemes with partners across the UK. These projects typically last 20-40 years; it’s a long-term commitment for all of us.

Infinis’ solar and battery storage experience means we can advise you on the most suitable technology options for your land. We’re also working on new hydrogen projects.

Our in-house team includes land, planning, construction, grid, and operations management experts – as well as commercial professionals used to negotiating power purchase agreements.

Work with Infinis and you can be sure that we will:

  • Fully fund the feasibility and planning costs
  • Contribute to landlords’ legal costs for property agreements with us  
  • Make good any land – at no cost to you - if tests are needed
  • Fully fund the construction and ongoing development operation/maintenance.


Ready to discuss your land leasing options?

If you are open to a chat, we would love to hear from you. Please enquire below - choose ‘Land Leasing’ as the contact option – and our team will contact you shortly.

You can also call us on 01604 662400 and ask for the Development Team.


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