Battery storage

The UK has around two gigawatts (2GW) of battery storage systems operating today, with more coming online all the time. These projects mainly support short-term grid needs at present.

Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, is important to helping the UK achieve net zero. This type of energy is intermittent – which means generation fluctuates with weather conditions.

Battery storage can help manage this intermittency. It can help offset some demand currently delivered through fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil.

Infinis has a large pipeline of battery storage projects, with sites from 5MW to 100MW. Our capabilities include:

  • Standalone battery energy storage projects
  • Co-locating battery energy storage systems with solar.

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Benefits of battery energy storage systems (BESS)

Key advantages of battery energy storage projects include:

  • Storing low-cost renewable energy for later use
  • Balancing the grid
  • Small build footprint.

Battery storage with solar

Solar power runs at full export to the grid in the summer. When the sun shines, solar panels sometimes generate more energy than the grid needs. Add batteries to the mix, and they can work with solar – storing the extra power until it’s needed.

Combine battery energy storage with solar, and a behind the meter (private connection) becomes possible on many more sites. That’s worth exploring if your business has a constant power demand, for example:

  • Industrial or commercial units
  • Industrial processes, such as manufacturing or food production.

If you want to discuss how battery storage can support your business objectives, let’s talk. We can help you review possible sites, explore options, and optimise technologies to get the best results.

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