October 2023

Captured landfill methane sites boosted by microgen engine investment


Captured methane
Landfill gas

Infinis has unveiled the latest investment within its engine fleet, with the acquisition of seven Microgen engines for use on captured landfill methane (CLM) sites. 

By investing in lower capacity engines, Infinis can continue to effectively operate and generate renewable electricity on the smaller sites within its portfolio. The increased efficiency of each Microgen engine is expected to result in an increase of up to 30% more renewable electricity produced from methane captured on each site.   

The new 200kW and 250kW Scania engines include easy-to-use control systems and are fully compliant with the latest G99 grid regulations.

The first engines are now operational at sites in Wales and north-west England, with further installations progressing.

Graham Bone, Head of Engineering and Project Development at Infinis, said: “Capturing methane from landfill gas is our core business. This investment is part of our continued drive to continually improve operational performance while at the same time delivering on our sustainability strategy.

"The new microgens are low-emission, highly efficient technology.  They are a valuable addition to our engine fleet and demonstrate Infinis’ commitment to maintaining its position as a UK leader in landfill gas-to-energy.”

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